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About Us

The founder of V.T. Snaps Mr. V.T. ARASU, has started the organization in the name of UNIVERSAL MOULDS AND COMPONENTS in a tiny way with social commitments.

Due to sufferings after he lost his parents at the age of 14, he completed his school studies as well as degree in B.A. English Literature. in 1973.

Further searching for opportunities, he thought about his personal and social commitments, he focused on Vinyl packing materials (Zipper & sealed bags), Hangers and Hooks for home textile exporters with a quest for achievement and excellence.

For our founder’s (Mr. V.T. ARASU) role in ” Empowerment of physically challenged” people, he was awarded by the STATE and CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA and Life Time Achievement award by MADRAS ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF in 2007 as the BEST PRIVATE EMPLOYER.

Further to the supplies of PVC packing bags, we were in need of plastic snap buttons for our own applications as per the requirement of customers.

By then the scarcity and exorbitant pricing of snap buttons, imported from outside India, has prompted us in developing our own moulds and procured latest sophisticated CNC injection moulding machines (MILACRON) and established our new sister concern in the name of VIPISON TEKNIKS PVT.LTD. which was maintained by another department personnel (all board of Directors are family members) in 2007.

On our continuous improvement, we expanded our plant and transferred to Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu and the name VIPISON TEKNIKS PVT.LTD. has been retained by VIBRANT TECHNOPLAST. Since 2015.

The Purpose Of VT Snaps

The Purpose of vt snaps is to honorably serve the needs of the community by providing high class snap buttons of the best quality to fulfill customer satisfaction at a fair price. This has helped our organization grow and by doing so to provide an opportunity for the employees to achieve their reasonable personnel objectives and consolidate their future growth

Best In Class:

People, Marketing, Technology, Product and Manufacturing that yield the best results

Our Future Plans:

We plan to bring more high-end technology for the manufacturing and production process by going on the top of the board. We plan to introduce separate units working on research, development and production of snap buttons.

UNIVERSAL MOULDS AND COMPONENTS was started in 1982 with the empowerment of physically challenged people and succeeded in the field. Also developed automobile components such as fuel filters in the other sector.

We at UMC, our strong Research and Development department and latest technologies have widely supported us in developing customized products to our customers across the country and abroad, we exported our products to valued direct customers located in SRI LANKA & BANGLADESH. We were also the nominated supplier of M/s .SIPLEC International ,France.

The factory is located at 15000 square feet Lush and Green environment area.

Now we have specialized in plastic snap buttons and we retain a remarkable position in the market of snap buttons in India.

New developments in pipeline----NYLON 6’ CABLE TIES---- on par with international standards will be marketed in the Registered Brand name VIPISON.

The PLASTIC SNAP BUTTONS are marketed in the Brand name of VT Snaps.

The “VENKATACHALAM PUSHPAVALLI CHARITIES” is a charitable endowment established by the founder in the name of his parents. It serves the destitute and downtrodden people of the society.


Our Technically Qualified Professionals, Advanced Testing Equipments & Full-fledged Tool Room contribute in manufacturing, producing & exporting the finest plastic products for all industries!

Work Area: 15,000 Sq Ft

Connected TNEB Power: 130 HP

CNC Injection Moulding Machines (Milacron): 30 Ton 2 Nos, 50 Ton 4 Nos, 110 Ton 2 Nos

Quality Control: Technically Qualified personals with adequate Advance testing equipments

Materials Processed: All engineering ThermoPlastic Materials

Tool Room Facilities: We have a full fledged tool room with CAD/CAM facilities at our sister concern MicroTech Engineers. (Manufacturers & exporters of precision injection Moulds).

Other Activities:

  • 1. Our sister concerns M/S. Universal Moulds & Components, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Vinyl packing materials for handloom made product export.
  • 2. The Venkatachalam Pushpavalli Charities( Regd) was founded by Mr V. Thirunavukkarasu in the name of his parents, who he lost in childhood. The Vision of the Charity is to provide the necessary support and care to orphans, downtrodden and destitute and to make environmental & cultural developments within a reachable circle.


A huge gamut of eye-catchy Snap Buttons, Magic Zippers and Zipper Pullers made of 100% virgin plastic!

VT Snap Buttons

Easily detachable snap buttons that can be attached and detached really easily. These can be used on baby garments, dresses, bags, pouches and a host of other items.

No.3 No.5 Zipper Pullers

Zipper Pullers to be attached to zips, so that you feel convenient to pull zips.

Magic Zip Sliders:

Magical Zip Sliders for zip pouches, bags, garments, storing containers etc.


snap buttons are used on baby clothes, luggage bags, jackets, shoes, sandals, harnesses, leashes and saddles.

Practical and Unique Application for Plastic Snap Buttons.

How Snap Buttons Are Important For Everyday Use?

Snap Buttons as we know, are a set of miniature disc-like buttons particularly used on fabrics in place of the normal regular buttons. They are commonly referred to as press studs, snaps or poppers and can be made of both plastic and metal. VT Snaps is a leading retailer and professional manufacturer of Snap Buttons in India, and supplies these to various countries across the globe.

We manufacture all sorts of snap buttons that can be easily attached to both cloth and leather materials. Snap buttons have 4 main parts that include the cap, the socket, the stud and the post.

The Application of Snap Buttons

Snap Buttons have multiple uses and are used in all kinds of interesting ways. They are sturdy enough and can easily attach hard materials like leather, canvas, textile, terry fabrics, knitted tough cloth etc. The best thing about snap buttons is that these can also attach fabrics to hard, solid surfaces like cardboard, plastic, wood etc and can join two or more sections of a material in one place.

Snappy snap buttons not just connect baby clothes but are also used on luggage bags, jackets, shoes, sandals, harnesses, leashes and saddles.

The first thing that VT Snap makes sure is the application technique. They keep a keen eye on the techniques used to fit the snap fasteners, so that proper care is taken to select the perforation size, which is important because it makes sure that the button perfectly fits into the fabric

A Few Fun Ways In Which You Can Use Our Snap Buttons

  • Baby Cloth Diapers
  • Baby Bibs
  • Button Replacement
  • Shoe Straps
  • Elastic Clincher Belts
  • Snap On Bows
  • Snap On Ties
  • To Keep Gloves and Socks Together
  • Convert Short Sleeves To Long
  • In place of Bra Hooks
  • To Create A Hoodie for Carrying your Baby
  • T-Shirt or Sweater Buttons
  • Leashes for tying something

Snap Buttons are easy to use and last longer than normal buttons!

Contact Us

Since you are visiting this page, We believe that you have trust and recognize our products. For more information about VT Snap Buttons, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Vibrant Technoplast,
453/4. Thamizhthai nagar,
Kanchipuram - 631 551.